Frequently asked questions

What are the services offered by you ?

We provide various type of inbound and outbound services.

Inbound Services include :

  • Customer service
  • Technical support
  • Order taking
  • Welcome call campaign
  • Reception services

and our Outbound services include :

  • Recovery management solutions
  • Outbound surveys/Market research
  • Lead generation
  • Appointment setting
  • Data validation and cleansing

How much time do you take in making a project live ?

The amount of time that we require varies from 3 days to 3 weeks. The way we determine it is by computing the size and the capacity of the project.

I don't live in the same time zone as you, how are you gonna provide me services at odd hours ?

There is nothing to worry about, we provide our services  24/7 and are always available for any kind of assistance.

Will i still be having control over my data after i outsource it ?

Yes definitely, in fact now you would have better control over it because the way we have modeled all our services are very effective. Your database will look more organized and usable. In case you need , we will also provide you customized daily/hourly reports of your data.

How will you ensure the security of my data ?

Our security system has been designed using latest technologies which ensure that your data is secure with us.

Physical security measures:

  • We have Restricted access to the facility, only those members can access the data who are authorized.
  • 24/7 manned security at the restricted area.
  •  All our employees have a unique ID this way we keep track of who is doing what.

IT security measures:

  • We use firewall protection that keeps your data safe on our server.
  • All your data is password protected. No one access it unless they have the authorization.
  •  Your data and other valuable information cannot be transferred to any external source as we have disabled USB drives and CD drives on all our systems.
  •  Only few people with proper authorization can access Internet access using their unique credentials.

Why should we hire you ?

Because we have a team of highly experienced and skilled full employees. They ensure that you get the fastest solution to all your queries and provide you the best possible services in very low cost. For more information please click here

What is your pricing model ?

It depends on the project tasks, size, scope, and other factors. After taking consideration all the factors we come up to you with lowest possible price.

How do i find out more ?

We are available 24/7 at your service. Either contact us at our toll free number  888 685 0259 or ask your question using our live chat support.

we hope we have answered all your general questions but if you still have any question other than those mentioned above, please do write us at  or fill our contact form here.

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